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Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

We understand the experience of struggling is universal and at various times in our lives we are faced with this reality.  Counselling explores the nature of the difficulty and an opportunity to self reflect.  With patience and respect, we support clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, while feeling empowered with the possibility of change.


We have experience working within a range of issues:


  • Experiences of trauma and abuse

  • Relationship and family difficulties

  • Eating or body image issues

  • Experiences of loss or grief

  • Dealing with chronic or sudden illness

  • Work related stress

  • Addiction and substance abuse

  • FlFO and family difficulties

  • Gender or sexuality issues

  • Self harming behaviours or thoughts of suicide

  • Support with anger difficulties

  • Low self esteem

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy
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Organisational Support
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