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FIFO Counselling and Support

Families of many descriptions experience the disruption and disconnect that occurs when a member routinely leaves in pursuit of income and or career.  While there are benefits, we understand they sometimes come at a cost.  Both the individual that leaves and the family left behind face life with seemingly endless routine, a sense of loneliness and at times exhaustion.  A desire for what their partner has, freedom or family, can cause resentment, a lack of empathy and relationships may be challenged. Without a natural rhythm, it can be difficult to have clarity around your place in the family and this impacts parents and children alike. 


As practitioners, both John Dallimore and Angela Harris have lived this experience and bring an understanding with real life insight into these issues.  They provide counselling support to couples and families to assist with recognising how the ongoing disconnect impacts relationships.  The focus of therapy is to establish skills around connection, respect and understanding how to support each other.

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